The Best Hearts Games to Download

By Neal Taparia - 5/17/2023

Hearts is one of the most popular trick-taking card games around. First included in Windows 3.1 in 1992, Hearts would be a free app on many Microsoft computers all the way through Windows 7. Windows 8, released in 2012, would be the first version to exclude this classic card game. 

That means for 20 years, you could play Hearts offline for free on your computer. Perhaps that’s why so many people know and love the game. After all, nothing beats shooting the moon — taking the queen of spades and every heart card — and watching all the other players’ points skyrocket.

With Hearts no longer included in Windows and many people switching to mobile devices for gameplay, numerous Hearts apps have been developed for download. 

What are the best Hearts apps to download? There are several great Hearts apps to choose from. Here are the highest-rated Hearts games available to download for iOS and Android.

5 Best Hearts Games Available to Download

1. Hearts+

App Store | Google Play

Rating: 4.8


  • Solo and multiplayer options.
  • Developers are quick to respond to questions/complaints.
  • Players like that the artificial intelligence doesn’t make the game too easy.
  • Fun achievement rewards and animation.
  • Designed for ipad and iphone.


  • In-app support is not user-friendly.
  • In-game advertisements

2. Hearts Card Game from Game Soft Factory

Google Play

Rating: 4.7


  • Players love being able to customize how many points to play to and add game variants like the Jack of diamonds rule.
  • Developers seem to respond when players call for bug fixes.
  • Great for android devices.


  • Players complain the bots don’t play Hearts very well, making gameplay too easy.
  • Passing cards doesn’t follow traditional Hearts rules.
  • In-game advertisements.

3. Hearts - Card Game Classic

Apple Store | Google Play

Rating: 4.6

Players love the graphics and the auto-save feature.

4. Hearts  from Optime Software

Apple Store

Rating: 4.6

Players love the difficulty level of this game, but some complain there isn’t an “undo” option.

5. Hearts Card Classic

App Store | Google Play

Rating: 4.3

Players love the functionality, but some complain the hands dealt aren’t varied enough.

Best Place to Play Hearts Online

If you don’t want to download Hearts, you can play classic Hearts online any time. 

What is the best free Hearts game? For the best free Hearts game online, look no further — you can play the classic card game right here!

Our classic Hearts game is perfect for beginners, with prompts during gameplay so you can learn the rules as you play.

Is there a card game that is similar to Hearts? Card games similar to Hearts are include Spades and Euchre. All 3 are trick-taking games — games where everyone plays a card and the highest card wins. They are also all descendants of the old card game Whist.

What are some other card games to play online? Other popular card games include Solitaire, Gin Rummy, and Cribbage.